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Beta Channel
Take part in the WebSite X5's Beta Channel!


We are constantly working on WebSite X5 in order to evolve it according to our user's needs and produce an even more complete software.
We will regularly release free updates for those of you that have already installed the program. You will be able to download and install them.
Before we release the final update, we wish to beta test it in order to verify the correct function of new features and improvements.


If you wish to take part in the Beta Channel program and receive the WebSite X5 updates before they are officially released, please read carefully and accept the terms and conditions stated below, then add your Licence Key and send your request.
You will be informed when the Beta version update will be released: you will find a notice as soon as you open the program and you will be able to proceed with the upgrade.
Once you have subscribed, you will receive a notice every time we will officially release an update.


We invite you to report any kind of problem you have with the Beta version by using WebSite X5 Help Center. Please follow these simple rules when you decide to report a problem, so that we may intervene quickly with success:

  • Use ONLY WebSite X5 Help Center to give a suggestion, to express an opinion or to report a bug.

  • If you find a bug please verify, before you open a post, that it hasn't already been signaled by another Beta Tester and solved: you can use ''BETA'' as keyword and add it to the search engine. If someone else has already found the bug, you can add your comments to the post with useful details if you have any, in order to help us solve it.

  • If you find a NEW bug, please try to reproduce it in order to understand and be able to explain how you found it. After, you can type a question, add the ''Beta'' keyword in the post title and in the tags, then describe as clearly as possible the bug and how you found it. Please attach files and pictures if it can help. If you are precise we will be able to recreate the bug and solve it more quickly.


  • If you wish to return to the program's full version you need to delete the Beta version from your computer, download the program's latest full version from your user profile on WebSite X5 Help Center, and install. If this has been done, please remember NOT to download the suggested updates because you will still be part of the beta testing group therefore you may be notified.

  • If you wish to leave the Beta Channel program, you have to open the following page How to unsubscribe, add your License key and send us your request. After you are going to have to convert your license again, therefore, please delete the Beta version, download the program's latest full version from your user profile on  WebSite X5 Help Center, and install.

Thank you for your cooperation and have fun!

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